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Tutors for Teachers

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T4T Tutors for Teachers



Teachers at all grade levels are facing unprecedented demands as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. TEAMS Tutors can support and assist teachers through T4T Tutors for Teachers.


In T4T, TEAMS tutors act as a professional resource for teachers, going online to locate materials that can be used to engage and inspire students.


As a tutor for a teacher, you will:


    • Research online multimodal resources for student learning


    • Help brainstorm creative teaching and learning ideas for in person, virtual, and hybrid learning


    • Explore ways to use new interactive digital technologies for teaching and learning 


    • Do other online activities that support teachers in their daily work





 Teachers and Tutors







Name of Teacher  Tutoring Needs and Requests



Locating Multimodal Resources for Teachers


Teachers need multimodal resources that will engage and inspire student learning.


Multimodal means more than one media so students are learning from:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Podcasts
  • Pictures and Images
  • Interactive Websites
  • Learning Games
  • Text-Based Materials


Here is a Guide to locating multimodal resources online.


  • Look for online sites from universities, historical organizations, museums, government agencies and other academic sources.
    • Avoid dot.com sites if they are accompanied by advertising that students will be distracted by.
    • Wikipedia should not be your sole text resource unless nothing else exists. Check the list of citations of resources at the bottom of the wikipedia page for other suggestion for text.



  • When locating videos, check who posted the video on YouTube.
    • Avoid individuals or organizations who have a biased point of view.
      • Look for other video sources on TeacherTube or material posted by academic organizations.


  • Locate brief biographies of historical figures that can be easily read by elementary, middle and high school students
    • The New York Times has online obituaries that provide overviews of a person's life interestingly written.


  • Look for online book reviews of recent books that have been written by historians or journalists about a historical person.


  • Locate podcast resources at NPR, National Public Radio. Fresh Air is a nightly podcast that interviews authors, musicians, politicians, and many others.  Living on Earth is an NPR podcast about environmental issues, how we stop climate change, sources of power that are not fossil fuels or carbon producers. 


  • Science Friday is another NPR podcast about all issues scientific. This is where the video of Raol Oaida is located, the high school student who launched the Lego rocket into space.


  • Find information at NPR, PBS, New York Times Obituaries, National Geographic, and the Smithsonian Magazine, the History Channel, Today's Document, movie trailers, newsreels and books.


Multimodal Learning Resources.docx


Topic Being Researched _________________________________


Video/Audio Resources

Describe the Resource and How It Offers Multimodal Learning for Students



Interactive Web Resources

Describe the Resource and How It Offers Multimodal Learning for Students
Biography Resource

Describe the Resource and How It Offers Multimodal Learning for Students
Lesson Plan Resource

Describe the Resource and How It Offers Multimodal Learning for Students
Text-Based Resource

Describe the Resource and How it Offers Multimodal Learning for Students









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