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Tutoring Math Virtual Class

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Stop Motion Animation Video Making

LOG the time you use as SELF-TUTORING OR TUTORING OTHERS hours. 



Tutoring Math

Week 6 

Fifth assignment due Tuesday, March 12 by 4 p.m.

external image AnimPYRAMIDE1.gif






Class Opener 



Consider why math is mainly taught to student as procedures instead of as concepts. 


Hear Tom Lehrer perform his song, "That's Mathematics"




Procedural or Conceptual Learning

external image T3-517328496.gif


Conceptual learning provides models, games and multiple ways to understand how to solve the math.


Procedural learning provides a formula, trick, or method to apply to solving the math.






external image Polybooks.png62% of Americans Are Still Living Paycheck to Paycheck (CNBC, October 31, 2023) 


1. DO YOU KEEP HAVE A BUDGET and do you save for unexpected expenses?


2. List three facts you learned while reading "Share of Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck." 



Spent, an online simulation game about money and finances.

external image Crystal_Clear_app_desktopshare.png Spent



3. What three choices did you make while in Spent that reminded you of the article's points about living paycheck to paycheck?


Describe each of the 3 choices in its own paragraph. Please write 3 paragraphs.  







If Montessori's Principles are parts of a game  - point of interest, self-correction and continuous learning - kids and adults experience learning in the Flow Zone. 
































View   Motion Math in the Classroom


4. Do you see or hear about all three of Montessori's Principles assisting students' learning in Motion Math games?


Point of Interest-- something draws the learner's focus and attention to the experience


Self Correcting Feedback-- materials offer self-correcting information 


Continuous Learning-- every play of a game increases learners' knowledge, skills and understanding






5. Throughout K-12 classes, did you play online games or use a gaming system in math classes to learn math? 


 If yes, how or why did the games keep you in a Flow Zone or out of the Flow Zone?





Workshop 2  Math and Gender


external image Calcul_mental.png

Hexahedron or "cube"


external image Instituto_de_ninas_de_calvillo.jpg



Researchers in psychology have been studying STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) and a marked gender gap phenomenon. Girls are less likely to major in these fields in college or enter them in the job market.


A recent study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign suggests that "children can adopt beliefs from information they hear about their gender," through literature, television and media, toys, and conversations with adults.

"A girl who hears that “girls are bad at math” can internalize that message, believe she IS bad at math, and do worse at math because of it."
-Maggie Severns, Future Tense, June 14, 2012



external image 200px-Podcast-icon.svg.pngHow One College Is Closing the Tech Gender Gap


How One College Is Changing the Tech Gender Gap reports 18% of U. S. in computer science graduates are female.  


6. List four initiatives to teaching and learning Harvey Mudd College instituted to attract women to the computer science program and keep them learning.


7. If you were expanding this program to attract and interest all kinds of students in computer science, mathematics and engineering design courses, what would you CREATE THAT IS NOT PRESENTLY THERE to add to Harvey Mudd's initiatives?

(Consider what you learned about not having much money when playing Spent. The knowledge you gained may inspire your ideas about what to create to attract students.)




Workshop 3  Stop Motion Animation Videos-- View Them/ Create Your Own!


 THE HUNGRY MONSTER'  from Odyssey Bookstore videos.

(See the monster in photo on the right.)  


 Videos from Odyssey Bookstore   









Create YOUR Stop Motion Animation Video!


Download a stop motion video making app.

We use the FREE Stop Motion Studio


Stop motion animation INSTRUCTIONS




Log your time making a Stop Motion Animation Video as SELF-TUTORING hours OR TUTORING OTHERS hours. 


Email your video to me, 


upload it your learning log this way:

Google drive does not allow you to insert video into a google doc.

A solution to this is to record your stop motion animation video on your phone or computer.

Take the video file and upload it to google drive.

Once uploaded to google drive, set the permissions for the video to anyone with the link can view--click the three dots in the top right corner, then click share.  



8. Where is math involved in stop motion animation video making? What concepts are you using?



BIG IDEA Closer Can learning resources influence our mindsets and help us learn? 


9. Applying your knowledge about factors that produce growth OR fixed mindsets, analyze in a few sentences your mindset about learning mathematics.

    Describe how you got your mindset.


10. Would having multimodal resources positively assist you to have a growth mindset learning math?

Multimodal resources this week are stop motion animation video productionthe simulation game Spentand Tom Lehrer's song That's Mathematics.   





After Tuesday's class, students can use this link to play Qwirkle online.



The free online version with friends or someone you are tutoring, here is the link- Qwirkle Freeware



Resources for Additional Learning


Not Part of the Assignment 



Angles Math Poem by Bob


Angles make my day

Guide my way

What do you say

Learn them where they lay.


Some angles are congruent

Find them and you are fluent

Some angles are supplemental

Note how they are assembled.


Learning angles is a tangle

Unless you live in a quadrangle

Angles cannot be cancelled

But they must be disentangled.




  1. a four-sided plane figure, especially a square or rectangle.
    • a square or rectangular space or courtyard enclosed by buildings.




Geoboard, MLC


University of Cambridge interactive geoboard


Who are these NASA employees?

Mae Jemison

10 Facts about Mae Jemison

Feb 2023 video interview w/Mae Jemison



Girls, music, math





Tutoring Maths Fall 2021 (2).docx

Animations and Storytelling from Young Writers Bookcase




A Ingham's List of Technology & Teaching Resources, Updated Frequently


Link to Using the Google Suite for Student Centered Teaching of Mathematics, Maddy Hill Slide Deck (Spring 2021)



Link to the Tutoring Math Digital Choice Board





More information about money and the state of our economy: https://www.marketplace.org 


What happens when poor families are given SMALL guaranteed incomes monthly?

Find out what happened in this pilot study w/ Stockton, CA families.





View GoldieBlox Commercial


GoldieBlox, a toy company determined to raise the number of female engineers, uses their innovative toys to draw interest in the STEM subjects in young girls, which is often lost as they get older. 

 Does this commercial upend the argument of the judges in the next story OF A FEMALE?  For your consideration and discussion in the Zoom conversation.




A game for tutoring yourself or others!


Qwirkle: Math Without Numbers


    • Math is the least favorite of more than one-third of students, the highest unfavorable rating of any subject.



    • See chart from Grant Wiggins
      • Math is only subject among all the least favorite choices in which the leading response was "I am bad at it!"

Today we are going to play a game of shapes and colors that promotes mathematical thinking and mathematical learning, both procedurally and conceptually. 


It is called Qwirkle


  • Used to teach math problem-solving skills


  • Improve children's capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations


  • Promotes visual-spatial reasoning


  • Math concepts of sets with characteristics 


  • Qwirkle consists of 108 wooden blocks of six shapes and six colors.
  • Briefly explain and demonstrate rules (procedures) for playing the game
    • Use game from the previous group to show how rows are built and points are scored
  • Create teams of 2 or 3
  • Ask each team to create a team name
  • Draw 6 blocks and begin game play
    • 4th Grade Rules: Play as many blocks as you can during each turn
    • Ask team players to call the points as they get them

Play Qwirkle Against the Computer with the Qwirkle APP




What is the procedural and conceptual learning in the game?




external image 200px-Arithmetic_symbols2.svg.png
Khan Academy, is an online tutor for elementary, middle, high school, and college students learning astronomy, biology, calculus, chemistry, geography and more, has the mission "to provide a world-class education" experience free online to everyone. 



View TED talk: Kahn Academy
Khan's original intent for creating his tutoring site completely changed when users he had not planned for found the videos.
Summarize Khan's initial intent for his videos and compare that to what Khan Academy is now. 

Would you conclude that this change resulted because of a mistake, having a growth mindset,creating a change of purpose or something else entirely?
What is Khan Academy offering schools and students to positively influence teaching and learning? (View 11:00-15:20)





Interactive TimesTable from NCTM


Motion Math, the Definitive Review 


Why Play Math Games? Kitty Rutherford, Teaching Children Mathematics (April 27, 2015)



external image 200px-Podcast-icon.svg.pngexternal image Polybooks.pngRead and hear  One Teen's Story of Science Sexism




Tutoring Others


Who are you tutoring?

What are you tutoring? 




What are you self-tutoring?

Are you taking 2 hours/week to pursue this learning? 


In 1-2 paragraphs describe TEAMS’ words, ideas or actions from the list above that you are using from the TEAMS’ weekly classes to assist tutoring others.


In 1-2 paragraphs describe TEAMS’ words, ideas or actions from the list above that you are using from the TEAMS’ weekly classes to assist your self-tutoring. 















https://www.onenote.com/learningtools  Immersive Reader we all have free in our Microsoft 365 download from UMASS







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