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Videos About Schools

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Week 2:  Multiple Intelligences, Growth Mindsets and the Value of Mistakes


Mississippi High School for Mathematics and Science (Columbus, Mississippi)


external image 200px-Podcast-icon.svg.pngRead AND hear Students Honor Long Forgotten Locals (Mississippi High School for Mathematics and Science)

Many middle and high school students say they do not like learning history; the focus is memorizing names, dates, and places.
Mr. Yarborough's high school history students research year long projects using each of their multiple intelligences


Edison High School (Fresno, California)


View Edison High School's Engineering Program


  • In Fresno, California, Edison High School teachers changed instructional methods to interest students in engineering, math and science and health careers in high schools so they could graduate to pursue college degree programs they otherwise would not think they could do.


Week 3:  Digital Connections for Learning


View Sugata Mitra: Kids Can Teach Themselves Interactive transcript assists understanding if terms or accents are confusing.

Sugata Mitra draws three conclusions from his research:

  • Remoteness affects the quality of education for a surprising reason;
  • Educational technology should be introduced into remote areas first, other areas later;
  • Learning is most likely a self-organizing system. 


Week 4:  Tutoring Reading


Promise Academy/Harlem Children's Zone (New York City)

Geoffrey Canada, a young kid living in a tough neighborhood, had a life changing experience of being mentored and protected.  In his professional life, Mr. Canada became a mentor to thousands of kids in the area he designed, Harlem's Children's Zone. 

View Life in the South Bronx



Week 5:  Tutoring Math


Listen to How One College Is Closing the Tech Gender Gap



Week 6:  Tutoring Writing


Two videos show writing process in classrooms.


View Writing Poetry


  •  In Writing Poetry, 2nd graders compose starting their process with pre-writing/brainstorming in a group with the teacher and ending in publishing by reading aloud to everyone. Viewing the other parts of the writing process they use as they compose, which part(s) did you find most surprising or interesting? Explain why.


View A Room of Writers


  • In A Room of Writers, the 3rd grade teacher utilizes MANY techniques to help youngsters feel like a writer and show that they are writers. The first is that she writes and asks the children for revising ideas. Did you experience this in any of your writing classes?



Week 7:  Teaching English Language Learners


Coral Way K-8 Center (Miami)


Hear Miami's Coral Way Elementary School Aims For 'Biliterate' Education


Emma Lazarus High School for English Language Scholars (New York City)


Manhattan's Emma Lazarus High School, all Ell Student Body



Week 12:  Race and Racism in Schools and Communities


Urban Prep Academies (Chicago)


View Urban Prep Academies



Week 13:  Envisioning Multicultural Schools


Read Creed for Chicago Urban Prep Academies


New York Harbor School (New York City)


  • New York's Harbor School first in Bushwick Brooklyn and relocated to Governers Island






Northern Cass School District 97 (Hunter, North Dakota)




I Promise School (Akron, Ohio)

Digital Pioneers Academy ( Washington, D.C.)



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