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Envisioning Multicultural Schools

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Envisioning Multicultural Schools 


 Week 13


Twelfth Assignment

Opener-Algebra Project-must be done Tuesday, May 7, 4pm.



Part 2-Big Idea Closer-due Saturday, May 11 by 4 pm.


A bit more time than 










Class Opener: What is Innovative Teaching for Academic Success?


   The Algebra Project 

  • deliberately teaches with multiple modes of learning 
  • features students’ real world experiences and knowledge as CULTURALLY RELEVANT INFORMATION 
  • believes MISTAKES are part of learning
  • students teach each other 



The Algebra Project created in 1982 w/four African American students in one Cambridge, MA. high school class by Dr. Robert Moses.

external image Screen%2BShot%2B2016-02-19%2Bat%2B8.54.02%2BPM.png

homepage for The Algebra Project 



The is an OLD video. Be patient viewing it. Analyze what students do to learn and like mathematics!



 The Algebra Project


  1. What are the multiple modes of learning (see the list below) that students engage in as they are learning algebra and teaching others what they've learned?


Multiple Modes of Learning 






2. How is the combination of these multiple modes assisting students' learning?


    Would these strategies and techniques have assisted your own learning? 


3. With students in class helping to teach other students, analyze the power of this strategy to influence three things:

  • growth mindsets of tutor and those they teach


  • tutors and students' self-confidence 


  • choices of future careers for students who learn mathematics successfully






Big Idea Closer : What are Learning Outcomes from Self-Tutoring and Tutoring Others?


Create or design a reflection of your learning outcomes from being a tutor for others and practicing self-tutoring


Choose one or a mix of these options, please, instead of writing an essay.

   Canva posters

Frayer models

    Slide deck



             Scratch presentation



Your reflection will answer these questions: 


4. What is one thing you wish you had known sooner in your own education? Why? 


5. How did EACH of the four big ideas CONTRIBUTE TO your UNDERSTANDING during self-tutoring and tutoring others about how learning happens?



Explain your conclusions for each of the four big ideas. 


1. Multiple Modes of Learning 



2. MISTAKES - how are they useful?




3.  Montessori's Principles power learning 

Point of Interest something draws the interest of the learner to an experience
Self Correcting Feedback  offers ways of self-learning
Continuous Learning practicing an experience brings new knowledge, skills, understanding




4. Bloom's Taxonomy of Higher and Lower Order Thinking Skills


external image Bloomtaxonomy.jpg




Briefly answer, please:



What did you choose to learn for your self tutoring?


What is the total of hours you invested in your learning?


What resources did you use? 


Tutoring Others

What topics or skills did you tutor?


How many hours did you tutor others?


What resources did you use?








Resources for Additional Learning







 Class Opener: Introducing Innovative Schools--Springboards for Poor Students


To address the achievement gaps that persist in American schools today, those created by redlining policies and laws set in place by U.S. lawmakers, this week we meet determined people remaking schooling by designing learning achievement for students who do not have the same resources as wealthy communities provide.


These schools serve poor communities in rural places and in cities.

The schools' designs meet the students' needs--gaining an education that springboards them to jobs and professions.



Viewing and hearing about these schools,  create a poster showing which of these features are included in each one:

  • multiple modes of learning--how many of the multiple modes are incorporated into the ways students learn?
  • Montessori's Principles--Point of interest/ Self-correcting/ Learn more with each experience--how are these evident in the school? 
  • growth mindsets--are these shown by the students? Is success for all expected by the teachers? What evidence of these do you see?


Harlem Grown: Community Gardening Across the Street from the School




Edison High School (Fresno, California)






Monument Valley High School (Navajo ReservationVeterinary Program (Arizona)           https://www.pbs.org/video/hands-on-veterinary-program-enriches-navajo-students-1492

VIDEO 00:00-01:55



Coral Way Elementary School (Miami, Florida)


AUDIO 00:05-01:53



VIDEO  00:20-1:53


New York Harbor School (New York City)

 You Should Come to the Harbor School

VIDEO  00:00-4:26


Sea Change in Education: New York's Harbor School

AUDIO or transcript tells the history of how the school came to be.



Short parts of this video show what has occurred for Louis and for Eric, both children with big dreams at age 7. 

One child is poor, one is wealthy, but their determination to achieve their goals supported and propelled each of them in their different circumstances.




Adam Ruins Everything History of the Suburbs 6:19



Sugata Mitra in Harlem (Teams tutors need to be reintroduced to this researcher; they have forgotten seeing him in Digital Connections to Learning.)



Dave Eggers' Pirate School (After School Writing and Homework Center) where Dave Eggers needs introducing w/ his books, the movie, and McSweeney's Quarterly for context.



Dec. 1, 1955 is the anniversary of Rosa Parks' decision to defy the Montgomery, Alabama, bus driver's order to change her seat.


Jerry Lawson


Dec. 1, 1940 is the birthday of one of the fathers of modern gaming and this interactive Google Doodle is both a tribute with behind the doodle information AND a way for students to play games AND program their OWN games!



Behind the doodle is what this video explains-- we see Jerry Lawson explaining what he expects new game developers to do.






Jerry Lawson's son and daughter describe growing up w/an inventive dad and how he helped them become engineers in these two NPR stories.


Algebra Project











Choice Boards made by TEAMS





Schools Created to Meet What Students' Needs for Success in School and in Life
























Science Genius Hip Hop Rhymes













Race: The Power of an Illusion



Women in TECH: 10 Names to Know



Video included of 5 women engineers describing how the floor is not level.



Relevant Curriculum 


Engineering? 3D printing? LEGO!



3 min. video of a model makers' Lego Studio w/article




Additional Resources

What Does a Modern Classroom Look Like--And What Should Educators Leave Behind

Finland's New Plan to Change School Means Combining Subjects

Birmingham Covington: Building a Student-Centered School

Bob's Lesson Plan for Last Class

We are exploring four T"s: Time, Technology, Teachers and TEAMS in today 1/2/3 time and this center is the one about teachers. Our school teams are interviewing site coordinators as potential candidates for a position at their school.

  • This is important for schools because it is teachers who make the mission and vision of a school come alive in the way they teach.
  • This is important for teacher candidates because when there are multiple applicants for a position, a interviewee must stand out from the competition
    • How does one stand out? By highlighting their academic experience, their skills and experiences, their community service, their communication and teamwork skills and their vision of teaching and learning in the classroom

Schools Interview Candidates

Each candidate receive written feedback from one or two school team members on:

  • Your interview impressed us because . . .
  • In your next interview, you might do . . .

Key Study on School Climate and how teachers impact that climate through their actions

  • The Evidence is In: Happy Schools Boost Student Achievement



826 Boston/ Afterschool Writing and Publishing Program

Why Can't Our Kids Go to School Together?

Some of America's Top Teachers went to Finland. Here is What They Learned. 

Innovative Schools - Academic Success

Classroom on the Water from the website

In Bronx River, Helping Oysters Stage Comback

New York's Harbor School first in Bushwick Brooklyn and relocated to Governers Island

PODCAST Sea Change in Education: New York's Harbor School
We are walking back in time, way way back; picture yourself at age 14. Can you go back to middle school and see yourself at age 14?
Picture yourself in school. Do you see yourself in the building?
Is there a class that you look forward to attending?
Back then, if you had been offered a chance to make a choice, was there another kind of school you wanted to attend at 14? What is it?

Would you have chosen a science school?

Open ABOUT: MISSION/ HISTORY/ LOCATION/ PRESS to learn about the school.


SCHOOL WEBSITE New York Harbor School on Govenors Island

Classroom on the Water from the website

The Urban Assembly: Our Schools

In Bronx River, Helping Oysters Stage Comeback

SOLEs: Sugata Mitra's model in Harlem

Lebron James creates the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio

Providence, RI's Pleasant View Elementary School where the Panther Pride chant affirms the beliefs of the vision and work of an unconventional principal leading a thriving school community.

Chicago's Urban Prep Academy whose Creed and school structure set in motion successful learning and future goal attainment for young male teens is one multiculturally diverse model.

Another is Promise Academy in Harlem, where a growth mindset is modeled by all staff and supported by the students and their families.

We saw Emma Lazarus High School, in New York, NY focused exclusively for high school ELL learners to be able to attend college.

We learned about Coral Way Elementary School, in Miami, where teachers lead classes with high demand and high expectations for bilingual students

We reviewed Harvey Mudd College's Engineering, Science, and STEM programs that invite, support, and retain female students in STEM courses and careers.

We have featured other models throughout the semester beginning with Green Energy Biomedical and Engineering Pathways at Edison High School in Fresno, CA.


High Tech High School,San Diego, CA

High Tech High School: About

Moving Urban Schools Forward
Massive underfunding of inner city schools has not occurred because there are no funds to spend, but how those funds are spent.
Dr.Pedro Noguera, professor at UCLA and the Director of the Center for the Study of School Transformation describes how Brockton, MA succeeds w/a population of poor kids.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District, North Carolinawinner of last year's prestigious Broad Prize for Urban Education, instituted new organizational practices to achieve success for all students in the city schools.

Florida Virtual School

P TEC 6-years of high school

Finland Secret Sauce: Its Teachers discusses how to become a teacher in Finland, a country with some of the highest student achievement results in the world.

Back to School Already? Debate Continues Over Year-Round Benefits discusses the advantages and disadvantages of going to school all year long without a lengthy 10 to 12 week summer break.

Different Incomes - Different Schools

U.S. Schools Reach Majority-Minority Milestone

In Fall 2014, Latino, African American and Asian students will be a majority of students (50.3%) in the nation's public schools.
Click for a table of enrollment projections through 2023 from the Digest of Education Statistics.

Detroit 40 years ago attempted desegregation and the failed effort set the policies that followed throughout the U.S.
School Desegregation Thwarted

How School Funding Works in Massachusetts

Following the Brown v Board of Education legislation, segregation continued to separate communities of Caucasian and African American and Hispanic families through the redlining of neighborhoods.

Digital Learning

North Carolina School Engages Tech Generation With Digital Learning

Burlington High School in Massachusetts receives Apple Distinguished School Award for 2012-2013, one of 87 schools honored nationwide for technology integration.


Rich People Actually Don't Create The Jobs-Business Insider

15 Mind Blowing Facts About Inequality In America-Business Insider

Jonathan Kozal has spent 50 years chronicling public education's funding inequities and its resulting lack of success for students in poor schools. His book, Death At An Early Age, 1980, gained national attention, but since its publication, little has changed to address the inequities of public schools.
Read the transcript of the interview or listen to the conversation, whichever you prefer to do.

Jonathan Kozol speaks about kids that survive-inner-cities in a new book, Fire In The Ashes

external image 200px-Paperback_book_black_gal.svg.pngYou can read a preview of Fire in the Ashes at Amazon.

  • Hear the podcasts; transcripts are provided but please also hear the people speaking.

Voices of Youth Radio: San Francisco Bay Area Students Find Danger Lurks To and From School
Chicago's Silent Watchmen Guard School Rout

3. As a youngster did you face any of the fears that these San Francisco and Chicago kids face in urban centers going back and forth to school?
Do you think the volunteers standing watch while students walk to and from school ought to be paid for this by federal funds?

Maxim: a short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct.-Oxford English Dictionary

Everyone is smart . . .
Everyone is a learner . . .
Everyone is a teacher . . .
. . . under favorable conditions.
--Jerome Bruner
psychologist, professor, author



"Chance favors the prepared mind." 
--Louis Pasteur,
French chemist, microbiologist, inventor and creator of "pasteurization", maker of modern biology of food purity, medical instrument sterilization, vaccination and our use of antibiotics. It was Pasterur who taught the necessity of hand washing to prevent illness and disease.

"A broken bone can heal, but the wound a word opens can fester forever."
--Jessamyn West,
American writer

Told by doctors when she was 32 that she would die young from bilateral tuberculosis, West wrote and lived to age 82.

"Everyone is smart who can open the door to non-stupidity."
--Emily Cutting, age 7, in response to Sharon's question years ago, "Emily, who is smart?"
Singer, voice teacher, businesswoman and the person pictured with Alicia Keyes in Sharon's workshop Tuesday.

"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves."

Marie Curie,

physicist and chemist
Marie Skłodowska Curie (/ˈkjʊri, kjʊˈriː/;[3] French: [kyʁi]; Polish: [kʲiˈri]; born Maria Salomea Skłodowska [ˈmarja salɔˈmɛa skwɔˈdɔfska]; 7 November 1867 – 4 July 1934) was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person and only woman to win twice, the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences, and was part of the Curie family legacy of five Nobel Prizes. She was also the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris, and in 1995 became the first woman to be entombed on her own merits in the Panthéon in Paris. -wikipedia


8. Would you display any of these maxims for students to see and discuss? Why?  Is there a different maxim that you would display?


Update 9/27/11: "Ohio Gov. John Kasich, going against the unanimous opinion of the Ohio Parole Board, reduced the charges from felony to misdemeanor charges so that Kelley Williams-Bolar would not have a felony record which could block her hoped-for career in education." Christian Science Monitor: A Weekly Review Of Global News & Ideas, vol. 103/ issue 44

4. Knowing that school is where the door opens for future employment and wealth accumulation, what is your feeling about the situation of the mother in the news report? What do you think her options for her children's schools should be?

Newsletter_November+29_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_10d8eab927-e247406aa3-4866430120%;">Poverty ||
Jail Time For Sneaking Kids Into A Better School

external image 200px-Podcast-icon.svg.png
Detroit 40 years ago attempted desegregation and the failed effort set forth policies that followed throughout the U.S. Reported 11/19/13


5. Identify ALL the different parties responsible for countermanding the decisions that would have guaranteed implementation of the integration effort. How did each influence the outcome? 
6. If Detroit's city schools had been allowed to implement the policy of integration by busing what might be the results of that decision during the past 40 years?

Videos by students & teachers
Find Jay Vavra, Amgen National Science Teacher of the Year

Alphabet Soup: The A-Z of Cell Biology

Black Holes: A Children's Book

New Technology High Schools

New Technology High School: About

Videos by students & teachers
I Am What I Learn: Troy Simon
An Amazing Turnaround, Warren, N.C.
KQED's report for Groundbreaking Schools

  • What school reform or educational change practices are advocated by each school?
  • What elements of the school's design and curriculum do you believe will improve learning for students?
  • What might have been very effective for your own learning had you attended each of the schools you visited virtually?
  • Would you choose to teach in either school the Harbor School or the school you visited on the webquest? Why or why not?

Sugata Mitra TED talk:

Apples in America in the 1800s/Science Friday

http://sciencefriday.com/blogs/11/26/2013/all-about-apples-some-history-a-recipe-and-recommendations.html?utm_source=Science+Friday+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=e247406aa3-Newsletter_November+29_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_10d8eab927-e247406aa3-4866430120%;">Poverty ||
Jail Time For Sneaking Kids Into A Better School

New York's Harbor School first in Bushwick Brooklyn and relocated to Governers Island

Sea Change in Education: New York's Harbor School
We are walking back in time, way way back; picture yourself at age 14. Can you go back to middle school and see yourself at age 14?
Picture yourself in school. Do you see yourself in the building?
Is there a class that you look forward to attending?
Back then, if you had been offered a chance to make a choice, was there another kind of school you wanted to attend at 14? What is it?

Would you have chosen a science school?

Open ABOUT: MISSION/ HISTORY/ LOCATION/ PRESS to learn about the school

external image Polybooks.png

2. Do you think that a difference in atmosphere and behavior (less name calling, use of derogatory language and exclusion) might result where a creed is a core part of the learning experience in a school instead of school rules?
Explain your thinking.
external image Urban_Prep_Englewood.jpg

























A Visit To The Doomsday Vault: Scott Pelley Visits One Of The World's Most Unique Banks

Link to the Video on Vimeo
Link to Resources for History Teachers wiki A Visit to the Doomsday Vault


Revised Reflective Writing about Self-Tutoring.docx


Envisioning Multicultural Schools April .docx




This next podcast and video and Question is Not part of the assignment questions-- it is a choice for you to do for tutoring hours and for your own knowledge.


If you choose to do this activity, please log 1 hour into your self-tutoring total and answer the questions on the assignment.


This is a true story of a teen in a specific moment of time. 

It is his story of determination, bravery and problem solving told in a personal memoir. 

 external image 200px-Podcast-icon.svg.png 

  • Hear podcast and view the video on the page.

Determined to Reach March of 1963, Teen Used Thumb and Feet



Would you listen to the podcast or view the video or do both with students you teach or tutor to consider the history of civil rights in America? Explain what you would do and why.

What might your opening question to students be--the question that piques curiosity or opens ideas?


After viewing and/or hearing the resources would you ask students to compose their own question that they would suggest as an opener to this experience the next time you use it?

Composing their own questions means they would start at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy at CREATE and go up and down throughout ALL the levels as they write. 


Why do you think this might be important to do for their learning?


Would you and they all compose 6 word sentences about race in America as an activity for this experience?


Workshop 1Culturally Relevant Curriculum -- Teaching Diverse Histories in School 


Culturally relevant curriculum--made law by the California's FAIR Education Act that requires schools to teach information and facts about LGBTQIA contributors, minority groups and women--makes history inclusive, assists diverse students to achieve academically, not drop out, graduate from high school, and pursue post-secondary education if they choose.


Models of people who look like us, who have similar backgrounds to ours, and who contributed to culture and society are important to see in history. 



Choose one of the following wiki pages and sketch note its diverse history information.


  • Scroll down the whole page to see all the resources.
  • Select three that catch your interest.
  • Open and learn from those three information to reveal in your sketch note.










Closer Big Idea:  Growth Mindsets Inspires, Supports and Propels Students Through History and Inclusive Curricula

Ethnic Studies--finding yourself and your ancestors in a curriculum--interests students and assures them that people related to their cultures and heritages have done remarkable things.


Ethnic Studies offers a model for today's students to see and build confidence in themselves as being able to do remarkable things.


Can Ethnic Studies Education Change Academic Outcomes for Minority Students?

    • 1,405 9th Graders in San Francisco
      • 27% Latino; 13% White; 36% Asian; 8% African American
      • All at risk of dropping out of school


    • At the end of the year after studying an ethnic studies curriculum
      • Attendance improved
      • Students earned more credits
      • GPA + 1.4
      • Gains in math and science made as well


Read one of the two articles. 



  • Using information from the article you read, describe how you think ethnic study programs influence a growth mindset in students who do not usually see themselves or their groups represented in history, math, English and science curriculum?


  • Choose a genre--poetry, comics, newspaper article, letter, online blog post, song, Instagram post, video, animation-- for your explanation.







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